Our line of diffuser comes with grapevine branches,
natural dried, harvested from local vineyards

500 ml - 250 ml


Composition of Beeswax

Beeswax contains a natural protective substance called propolis. It is made by bees using tree resin, wax and pollen to protect the beehive. The name propolis comes from the Greek meaning "defence of the city". It is very resistant at room temperature and can be stored for hundreds of years without any changes to its properties.

Beeswax is a complex substance that is composed of more than 300 different ingredients. This gives it a chemical composition too complicated to be artificially recreated. The main chemical elements that compose it are oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon but also it contains about 15 different chemical compounds of fatty acids, esters and saturated hydrocarbons, most of them highly beneficial to the human biosystem. The composition and color may vary depending on the colony's special features or specific environmental conditions.