How to store?

Soy & beeswax body candles are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature & strong light sources such as sunlight or fluorescent light. Especially soy scented, soy body & beeswax body candles have a low melting point and can begin to soften or melt at temperatures above 25oC. Candles are therefore best stored at room temperature, in a dry place, avoiding high temperatures and strong light sources. Though this is a normal feature and does not affect the performance of a candle.

If they do begin to melt, it can help to move them to a cooler area, or wait until weather conditions change when they return to their original form. Soy candles may also become cloudy or develop a pale frosted appearance at cold temperatures. This is a normal feature of soy wax and does not affect the performance of the candle.

To avoid this, store soy candles at room temperature. Since our candles are highly scented or oiled, may sometimes appear sweat (small droplets on the top of the candle) when warmed. This is just fragrance & oils coming to the surface and will not affect the performance of the candle’s burn.

At CHOE we are trying to reduce our eco-footprint and waste production all along our production process and we urge all who love our products to do the same. Our packaging and empty vessels can be repurposed and reused in many ways, and so continue to go on being loved.

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