Our Story

The brand CHOE was created a few years ago, in a small village on Corfu. There rose the vision of creating a line of natural products that would induce harmony to the senses while adding a touch of luxury to everyday life.

We are inspired by ancient Greek culture, emphasizing on the elements that are preserved in the modern world as well. We use natural materials such as wood, fabric, glass and bronze, through a series of designs which reflect the entirety of four seasons. One of our top aims is our designs to be characterized by harmony.


The selection of our beloved fragrances is inspired by Mediterranean nature, herbs, fruit and blooms. All of CHOE's product line is entirely hand poured and handcrafted, using best quality material. 

The word CHOE refers to an offering made by the ancient Greeks to the Gods of the underworld, the Muses, the Nymphs and to their ancestors. The offering was made by emptying out a vessel containing liquid, usually wine-water or oil. By this ritual, the abundance, order and harmony of the world was thought to be preserved.

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Our Candles

Long Lasting

Confident Design

Effortless Style

Natural Materials

Hand Crafted

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Eleni Moumouri

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Spiros Moumouris


We are a
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