Our WorkShop


Every single candle is made only after your request guaranteeing the freshness and proper care.


All of CHOE's product line is entirely hand poured and hand crafted, using best quality material, such as wood, fabric, glass and bronze.

It may surprise you to discover how ‘industrial’ our workshop is!

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In a previous life, the space was a carpenter’s workshop, and the woodworking machines and cement fittings are characteristic elements of this function.

In a nod to the past, we have chosen to keep unaltered this space where we design and produce our candles.

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At CHOE we are trying to reduce our eco-footprint and waste production all along our production process and we urge all who love our products to do the same. Our packaging and empty vessels can be repurposed and reused in many ways, and so continue to go on being loved.

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