HEVE – TALC ◦ OUD & AMBER – 300ml



CHOE’s beeswax scented candles are made of 100% pure Greek beeswax and provide a healthy & aromatic atmosphere.
Beeswax candles burn bright, furthermore they purify a room’s atmosphere by emitting negative ions that neutralize the positive charge of dust, dirt & pollutants in the air.
Pure beeswax, due to bees visiting a variety of flowers and herbs, carries its own natural scent. Its special scent combined with our Mediterranean aromas, which are added during the production process, creates a unique olfactory sensation.


This CHOE’s candle portrays a particular pattern of a minimalistic approach.
The design is printed on Fabric canvas which is applied to the candle’s container while wooden details complete it’s final form.


50 hours


CHOÉ products are entirely handmade and manufactured with strict ethical responsibility towards humans and nature. For the containers of the candles, anti flammable fabric, bronze, FSC® certified Forest-friendly wood, and ecological paints, EMAS & ECO LABEL certified, are used. Appropriate for the protection of humans and the environment. Forest-friendly packaging, FSC® certified.

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